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Genre: Thriller

Released: 2014

Viewed: 193

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Benimadhab is a retired businessman who made a whole lot of money as an army contractor. But, his personal life is full of setbacks. He has given shelter to his son who does not earn a penny, his daughter whose husband is jobless, his two nephews who work small-time. He and his servant Meghraj carry on with a dull life. In the meantime, famous detective Byomkesh is also living a content life with his newly born child, his wife Satyabati, and dearest friend Ajit. Byomkesh gets a call from police who is seeking help in a case where Benimadhab and Meghraj are found dead. Byomkesh delves deep into the characters of that family where he discovers darker sides where each of them has secrets. He investigates two murders and comes up with intriguing results.

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