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Genre: Crime, Drama

Released: 2015

Viewed: 9,009

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Graffiti artist Dee (Gregg Sulkin) confronts the establishment with spray paint campaigns across London, while his brother, Marcus (Josh Myers), is an armed robber who commits jewellery store raids across the city. For both Dee and Marcus, being anti-social is a way of life. However, Dee’s graffiti unintentionally pushes him into the art world and he happily embraces the lifestyle with his fashion model girlfriend, Kirsten (Meghan Markle). Meanwhile, Marcus’ daredevil heists gain him credibility with an organised crime syndicate. After an acclaimed exhibition, Dee uproots to Berlin, Europe’s graffiti capital, but as he does, Marcus’ world erupts in a savage gangland war. Dee is forced to risk everything that he has and step into a criminal conspiracy in order to save his brother.

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