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Genre: Animation

Released: 2014

Viewed: 297

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Watch Adventures on Time Island with VIPO & Friends Online

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While VIPO goes on quests in search of the Stones, his friends settle down in a quaint abandoned village. Unfortunately, the toad-like Goggs who live on the Island are determined to kick them out – and with VIPO gone, their defeat seems almost certain. Sniffles, the smallest and the only kind-hearted of the Goggs, plays a special role in this relationship: having no enhanced senses, he was expelled by their mean leader Ogg and then adopted by VIPO and his friends. Meanwhile, VIPO himself faces some formidable challenges. From fifty foot flowers to torrential tornados, enormous ice-ships to booby-trapped pyramids: his quests for the Stones are anything but peaceful. Will VIPO be able to retrieve the Stones in time and save Time Island? Will his friends succeed in vanquishing the Goggs,

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