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Genre: Drama

Released: 2014

Viewed: 391

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A young woman (Mari) is abused in three of her past relationships, Aiden who was her first love is a very Angry man and he seems to take all his anger out on Mari. Isereal is Mari’s second love and he is very Insecure. Marcus is just a very controlling man with games up his sleeves, Mari is tired of being a beating bag, and she is trying to find her faith again she has given up on love, until she meets an unexpected happy ending. Shell her friend in this film plays a big part in helping Mari, get her life back. Mari endured all abuse know to man, Sexual, Physical, Mental, Emotional. She just had to leave it to her faith to allow a good man to find her.We must be aware of this disease and know that it doesn’t always happen to women, study shows that over 6 million men are victim of abuse in a relationship. Awareness Against Domestic Violence. If you know someone or if you are in a abusive relationship, there is a way out. Get the help you need. Shelters and or your local police.

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