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Genre: Drama

Released: 2014

Viewed: 598

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Petros, a 45-year-old office archaeologist, has just come out of a long term relationship a bit disillusioned by the romantic notion of self-less love. During a professional visit to the ancient theatre of Argos, he will meet Husam, a young Arab immigrant. What originally seems a fleeting encounter between the two men will gradually develop in a fully-fledged relationship with Husam proclaiming deep love and emotion to a suspicious, but condescending Petros. At the same time and as the various chapters of this affair slowly unfold, we watch Petros involved in a matrix of relationships with other people: Laertes and Migen, second generation Albanian immigrants, along with Alexandra form a classical music trio that Petros helps so that they can give their first concert and have their break; Daneel is a gay banker, who believes only in profit; Michael is a weird patrol policeman, who lives somewhere between reality and imagination. This wall-paper of people, whose ideas about relationships and the logistics involved in them are different to his, charms him, seduces him and challenges him. Through the eyes of Petros, we observe a particular almost hypnotic quest of a man for love in Athens, a multi-cultural, Balkan metropolis. And this is the quest of a man, convinced that love does not exist. We observe a mosaic of people, their stories, cultures and how they cross each other and then Petros encountering the many faces of love.

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