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Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller

Released: 1948

Viewed: 683

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Set in a German Officer’s Club in Shanghai over a period of 36 hours, Women in the Night is a World War II thriller that examines the ways in which women became victims of the German and Japanese forces occupying their countries.

Three high-ranking Nazi officers, Colonel von Meyer (Gordon Richards), Major Eisel (Frederick Giermann) and Field Marshall Von Runzel (Arno Frey), are being pressured by their Japanese allies to unveil their plans for a weapon of mass destruction, 1000 times more deadly than the atomic bomb. In order to prevent the Japanese officers from watching as they unveil their ‘cosmic ray generator’, the Nazis gather women from several of their enemy countries and force them to entertain the Japanese soldiers. What they don’t bargain for is the women turn out to be smart, courageous, and resourceful fighters determined to break the cycle of exploitation that has become commonplace.

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