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Genre: Comedy, Drama

Released: 1948

Viewed: 1,100

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The Time of Your Life follows the adventures of a group of regulars at Nick’s ‘Pacific Street Saloon, Restaurant and Entertainment Palace’ in San Francisco. A sign outside tells people to come in as they are.

At the centre of the story is Joseph (James Cagney). He desires to live “a civilized life” without hurting anyone and believes the real truth in people is found in their dreams, not the hard facts of their actual existence. Joe has a stooge named Tom (Wayne Morris), who runs his eccentric errands until a woman with a past named Kitty (Jeanne Cagney) comes in and steals Tom’s heart. Also appearing are Broderick Crawford as Krupp, Ward Bond as McCarthy, Tom Powers as Freddy Blick, and James Barton as Kit Carson.

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