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Genre: Drama, Mystery

Released: 1972

Viewed: 2,451

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The Legend of Boggy Creek is a documentary-style drama about the ‘Fouke Monster’, a Bigfoot-type creature that has been seen in and around the small town of Fouke, Arkansas, since the 1950’s. Several locals recall their stories, often appearing as themselves, claiming that the creature has killed several large animals. A police officer states that whilst driving home one night, the creature suddenly ran across the road in front of him.

Charles B. Pierce, an advertising salesman from the Arkansas/Texas border, borrowed $100,000 to make The Legend of Boggy Creek. The film was premièred in Fouke and went on to gross over $20 million. Using an old 35mm movie camera to shoot the film, The Legend of Boggy Creek has been cited as the inspiration for the look and pacing of ‘The Blair Witch Project’.

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