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Genre: Mystery

Released: 1946

Viewed: 959

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Before he can finish placing his ‘secretary wanted’ advert over the phone, the perfect candidate shows up at the office of Johnny Strange (Warren Douglas), a private detective, and fills the position without even giving Johnny a chance to say yes. She immediately takes a call from a new client, a mysterious woman with a Spanish accent. When Johnny meets her, the client is dressed all in black and wearing a heavy veil that conceals her face. She takes him to a house with a corpse lying in it, and asks him to take care of it. Before Johnny can call the police she knocks him unconscious with a bookend. He wakes up to see Detective Lt. Webb, who tells him the dead man is a notorious gossip columnist with a popular radio program. A nightclub manager, a singer, a housekeeper, a hard-of-hearing groundskeeper and two beautiful blondes are among the people who may have committed the murder.

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