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Genre: Drama, Sport

Released: 1944

Viewed: 533

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Widower Gary Farrel (Buster Crabbe) can’t afford, on his salary, to send his young son, Mickey (Donald Mayo), to a high-priced military school. He decides to enter a boxing tournament in an effort to win the $500 prize money. He wins and becomes a professional boxer and, under the guidance of “Pop” Turner (Milton Kibbee), is soon a contender for boxing’s biggest prize.

Newspaper reporter Linda Martin (Arline Judge) is attracted to Farrel but he is paying more attention to the flashy Rita Langdon (Julie Gibson), who introduces him to nightclubs, late hours, drinking, and many other attractions and distractions. Ignoring all the warnings from Linda, ‘Pop’, Mickey and Biff Benham (Glenn Strange), his old work colleague, Farrel continues to abuse all the training rules but still wins bout after bout.

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