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Genre: Drama, Romance

Released: 1946

Viewed: 979

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That Brennan Girl begins on Mother’s Day, 1938, when Ziggy Brennan (Mona Freeman) enters the apartment she shares with her mother, and finds her mother, Natalie (June Duprez), drinking with a strange man. Natalie introduces Ziggy as her ‘sister’ and quietly cautions her against calling her ‘mother’. Later, dispensing some advice, Natalie tells Ziggy that if she learns how to trick men into giving her money, she’ll never have to work for a living. Ziggy goes right out and applies this advice by stealing a valuable lapel pin from a fellow high-school student, and is promptly expelled from school. About five years later, Ziggy has made progress and meets Denny Reagan (James Dunn), who persuades her to go into his racket…

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