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Genre: Sci-Fi

Released: 1950

Viewed: 1,182

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Set sometime in the future, Rocketship X-M tells the story of four men and one woman as they attempt to reach the moon.

Dr. Karl Eckstrom (John Emery) is the designer of the ship and the head of the expedition, Colonel Floyd Graham (Lloyd Bridges) is the pilot, and three other crew members: Dr. Lisa Van Horn (Osa Massen), Major William Corrigan (Noah Berry Jr.) and Harry Chamberlain (Hugh O’Brian).

Blown off its course by a meteor shower, Rocketship X-M misses the moon and lands on Mars instead. During an exploratory expedition, the crew finds evidence of a once-mighty civilization, evidently destroyed by atomic warfare. A savage band of surviving Martians attack the earthlings, killing two and wounding a third. The survivors head back to the ship, but run out of fuel before reaching earth.

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