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Genre: Adventure, Drama

Released: 1953

Viewed: 1,097

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On an African safari with his friend Grant (Stanley Farrar) , Clyde (Clyde Beatty) plans to buy some black-maned Numbian lions from Jo Carter (Phyllis Coates) but her animals are wiped out by a fire. Despite interference by rival dealer Gorman (John Doucette), who hopes to ruin Jo, Clyde saves her business by helping her to capture an adult gorilla.

When Grant is bitten by a tik-tik fly and falls ill, Clyde heads for the nearest hospital through the territory of the dangerous Matabeles tribe. They are captured and condemned to death by Grubbs (Leonard Mudie), a white man living with the tribe, who is stealing their gold. Using the Matabele Boy King as a shield, Clyde and Grant make an escape and Grubbs is forced to accompany them, leaving his loot behind.

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