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Genre: Action, Crime

Released: 1942

Viewed: 764

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Jack Holden (J. Anthony Hughes) returns from his honeymoon with his wife Anne (Eleanor Stewart) and resumes his job as a guard at San Quentin prison. When three inmates, including Butch Mason (Dick Curtis) and Big Al (Art Mills), are sent to one of the guards’ residential cottages to work on the plumbing, they take their guard, Gaines (Drew Demorest), hostage and attempt to escape.

After one of the inmates is killed, Butch, a brutal and desperate convict, kills Gaines and the remaining inmate. Holden captures Butch, who claims he never fired a shot. When the governor orders an inquiry, Warden Saunderson (Charles Middleton) bribes one of his men to say that he heard Holden order Gaines to shoot the inmates.

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