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Genre: Horror

Released: 1972

Viewed: 1,176

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In Horror Express, Professor Alexander Saxton (Christopher Lee) discovers the frozen remains of a primitive creature in the Province of Szechuan, China. He boards the Trans-Siberian Express with his discovery in a sealed crate, where he bumps into a fellow Royal Society colleague, Dr. Wells (Peter Cushing). Whilst on the train, Dr. Wells becomes suspicious of the crates contents due to his colleagues attempts at keeping it so secret. Wells bribes a train employee to investigate the crate, although when he does he is killed by the creature that lies within.

The creature escapes and goes through the train, picking off victim after victim. It seems as if the creature is able to drain the victims brains of memories and knowledge. When it is gunned down by a fellow passenger, Inspector Mirov (Julio Peña), it seems as if everything has returned to normal, although things couldn’t be further from the truth!

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