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Genre: Crime, Thriller

Released: 1944

Viewed: 1,022

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Go Down, Death! takes place in an African American community where the criminal boss Big Jim Bottoms (Spencer Williams) runs a successful juke joint. The arrival of Jasper (Samuel H. James), a new preacher, results in many of Big Jim’s customers leaving the juke joint in favour of attending church. Big Jim arranges for Jasper to be photographed in compromising situations with three attractive women.

Aunt Caroline (Myra D. Hemmings), Big Jim’s adoptive mother, becomes aware of the scheme and tries to prevent him from carrying out his blackmail scheme. There is a physical struggle between the two of them, resulting in Aunt Caroline’s death. Big Jim escapes arrest, but following Aunt Caroline’s funeral, his conscience haunts him with visions of eternal damnation in Hell.

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