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Genre: Musical

Released: 1944

Viewed: 897

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In Dixie Jamboree Susan Jackson (Frances Langford) is the daughter of Captain Jackson (Guy Kibbee), skipper of a Mississippi showboat called the ‘Ellabella’.

The Ellabella is the last of the showboats and as such has become a refuge for such social outcasts as con artists Tony Sardell (Lyle Talbot) and Jack ‘Curly’ Berger (Frank Jenks), musician Jeff Calhoun (Eddie Quillan), and ham actors Yvette (Fifi D’Orsay) and ‘Professor’ (Charles Butterworth). When Jackson inadvertently picks up a shipment of whiskey, Tony and Curly, assuming that the captain is a wealthy distiller, plan to hijack the boat and its cargo.

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