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Genre: Comedy, Crime, Mystery

Released: 1946

Viewed: 1,108

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A treasury agent travelling aboard a ocean liner confides to fellow passenger Charlie Chan (Sidney Toler) that he’s on the trail of a counterfeiting ring operating from the South Pacific and has survived two recent attempts on his life. Chan helps him avoid a third but is helpless to prevent a knife thrown in his back in the ship’s club room. Although the ship will be docking shortly in Samoa, Charlie is confident that he will unmask the killer before then.

Among the suspects are an elitist reverend and his wife, a beautiful young woman travelling with forged papers, a shady salesman, a larcenous ship’s steward, and a professional knife-thrower. Chan is assisted by his son Jimmy (Victor Sen Yung) and his chauffeur Chattanooga Brown (Willie Best).

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