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Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama

Released: 1971

Viewed: 1,275

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Born to Win follows Jay Jay (George Segal), a former hairdresser who has become a heroin addict. He supports his new lifestyle by doing the occasional piece of work for the local drug dealer, Vivian (Héctor Elizondo). It’s not long before Jay Jay meets Veronica (Karen Black), a free spirited girl, and the two fall in love. Although he has the love of a good woman, his drug habit becomes worse, and he soon resorts to robbery. On the threat of arrest, he works alongside two corrupt police officers and becomes an informer, reporting on his fellow junkies and dealers. Soon enough, Jay Jay sinks deep into turmoil as his feelings of self-hatred threaten to overwhelm him.

Born to Win, also released as Born to Lose and Addict, stars a young Robert De Niro as a cop called Danny.

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