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Genre: Comedy, Horror

Released: 1959

Viewed: 1,144

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A geeky waiter at a happening café, Walter Paisley (Dick Miller) is intensely jealous of the swinging social lives of the artistic types who hang there. A bizarre twist of fate changes everything; when Paisley accidentally kills his landlady’s cat, his frantic attempts to hide the body lead him to encase it in a layer of clay, creating a morbid sculpture – which is eventually discovered and hailed as an artistic triumph by the unwitting Bohemian art crowd.

Beset by numerous requests for similar “truthful” works, the moronic Paisley is forced to find inspiration – a matter which is readily solved when a nosy undercover cop tries to slap a heroin-possession charge on him and finds himself on the business end of a cast-iron skillet. Before long, the creative urge prods Walter to narrow the competition by whacking his peers with various blunt or sharp implements, and the demand for more sculptures just keeps growing.

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